The Clearwater Movers That Do It All

Change is inevitable and comes in many forms. Moving to a new home or office is a life changing the experience. We may not live in the same city of where our items need to be move and may have to move to a new home for different reasons. The call of new employment might knock at our door and you are faced with looking for Clearwater movers. Call us at (727) 442-1585 to take care of your next move!

Exact Price Movers is a Clearwater moving company we are here to make that transition hassle-free to keep your mind at ease. Moving requires a lot of time whether you are moving to a new residential house, apartments, offices or condominiums. It also requires effort and careful packing and repacking of personal belongings that are valuable. You may be under pressure to move within a short period. You may be juggling work and family with no time to do all the packing by yourself. This is where our Clearwater Movers can be of great help.

Benefits to Using Our Clearwater Movers

Exact Price Movers is a family owned company of Clearwater Movers with an excellent reputation. There are a lot of advantages to hiring us to do the heavy lifting for you. We offer discount rates for senior citizens and military families because we know that life in the military means constant transfers. We have a high rating among our customers. In fact, we have an A+ in the polls and ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

We charge lower prices when you move to a new place in the same neighborhood. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you can do smaller and easier packaging by yourself to save some money. We know in today’s economy that cutting expenditures is a way of life for many. Hire your moving truck to reduce the costs. As mentioned earlier, you can pack some of your stuff by yourself and use our packing materials. You can leave the other challenging parts of moving to us.
It will be a great relief for you to know that we offer discounts for multiple moves. If you rent your truck, we will load and unload the packages. We also store units that are portable. We will take care of the household items if you come with your materials. Furthermore, we are professional movers, and you can be sure of a professional moving experience. We are also reasonably priced.

The Clearwater Movers You Can Depend On

Moving is stressful. And if you have a family with children, it can be even more stressful. Further, moving to a new office is also difficult. You need to change your mailing addresses with many companies and adjust to a new neighborhood. You may be busy with work and family life and might not have time to do all the packing by yourself. That is where Clearwater Movers can be of great assistance. We at Exact Price Movers believe in providing the best of services. Clearwater Movers has years of experience so let Clearwater Movers help you move. Call us at (727) 442-1585 to take care of your next move!