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One of the things people underestimate the most about planning for a move is the boxes they decide to use. Whatever you do choose – needs to be sturdy. Can it handle the weight of its contents? Can it handle bouncing around in a car or moving truck? It’s those kinds of things that surprise folks when they move.

So to help save you a little time in your move prep, we’ve decided to list a few places you can go to find the best boxes for your move. Let’s jump right in!


Books come in a wide range of packages, but when you think about it – the boxes they’re shipped in should all share one thing in common: they need to be strong. Bookstores are constantly getting in shipments for new books, so it’s a good idea for you to poke around some of those stores to see what you can find. Whether it’s a small store or a big one like Barnes & Noble – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Grocery Store

Ah, old reliable. Our best words of advice are for you to ask a store manager when their shipments come in. If you show up on that specific date, you can virtually be assured that you’ll hit the jackpot when it comes to finding free boxes. We recommend you prioritize boxes like apple and banana boxes because they’re super sold – but also have gaps that allow food and the goods inside to breathe.

Liquor stores

The good, ole packy should be super-high up your list. Not only do booze boxes carry heavy items, but they’re great because they are often compartmentalized. Especially when it comes to packing expensive, highly breakable items, these boxes can be a huge asset.

Office supplies

Especially when it comes to things like copier paper – you can find boxes that no only are easy to open, close and pack – AND boxes that can take a beating – but you can also find boxes that have handles. Yes, we’re that excited about handles. Trust us – it just makes gaining leverage that much easier. And on a long move day, you’ll be happy they’re there!

Moving is overwhelming enough – and it’s not cheap if you don’t know what you’re doing. Save yourself the headaches and get yourself some free boxes!