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Map of Palm Harbor

Moving to or from Palm Harbor?

Palm Harbor is a small, upscale community in Pinellas County, Florida. As of 2014, it had a population of 64,301. Located north of Dunedin and  south of Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor is only about 24 miles northwest of Tampa.
A quick check of Zillow today (3/27/17) revealed over 500 homes for sale and 93 places to rent, starting from $928/mo.
“Palm Harbor’s First Friday Celebrations” are a popular community event for youngsters and adults alike. There are rides and games for the children, with opportunities to sample the cuisine from the many local restaurants, enjoy local artists and craft people displaying and selling their wares.
If you are planning to move to or from Palm Harbor, Exact Price Movers is ready to make it easy for you and your family.
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