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So you’ve purchased your new home and you’re ready to go! This month, we’re going to share with you the four most important things that you’ll need to do in order to get ready for your move and prepare for our arrival. Let’s jump right in!

Get rid of anything useless

We’ve all been there! The older you get, the more stuff you seemingly accumulate. Before you know, you’ve got a basement or attic filled with things you’re saving- but that’s also full of things you haven’t, won’t and will never use again. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it!

Moving is a great time to de-clutter, so go through all the things you shouldn’t bother moving and sell them, trade them or pawn them off on someone. Or if all else fails, simply throw those things away! It’ll save you countless hours and headaches later on!

Get rid of the things packers won’t pack

By this, we mean getting rid of all the things you can’t really take with you. This would include hazardous items like explosive and flammable materials. Move any and all weapons and ammunition yourself. This also includes chemicals, oils, cleaning fluids, paint and the like.

Also figure out what you’ll do with perishables like refrigerated goods that will spoil when you move. At the very least – have a plan to move those things quickly.

Inventory your stuff

When you pack your belongings, it’s not a bad idea to inventory what’s in each box. That way not only will movers know where to move boxes, but you’ll have a better idea of what is in each box. Even if you’re planning to unpack over a longer period of time, at least you’ll kill two birds with one stone. By that – we mean keeping track of all your belongings and having an idea of where everything is should the need arise to have to use one of those items. 

Pack an essentials box

We tell our clients to consider all the things they need tomorrow and pack them in a few priority/essentials box. That means certain work clothes, computers, toiletries, flashlights, first aid, a few non-perishable food items and the like. Especially if you’ve planned a long-distance move, this will come in incredibly handy.

Enjoy these tips? Share your thoughts below! If you’re looking for a mover to help plan for whatever is coming next, give us a call!