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The journey of moving has finally come to an end and now you have the time to search for a good school for your child. Finding the best school that aligns with your family values and a top rated educational program can be difficult. How can you tell if a school is high quality? Is the location important? The last thing you want to do is choose a school because it is across the street and later discover your child is truly unhappy with the choice. The school that your child attends will affect his or her future and the ability to have access to scholarships and opportunities will help them to become successful. As  Clearwater Movers, Exact Price Movers understands how important this decision can be. Call us at 727-442-1585 and book your move today!

Or Clearwater movers tips on a private, public, catholic or charter school for you and your child:

  1. What Are Your Child’s Interests?

Dedicate the time to attend a tour of your schools of interest. Your child can meet their potential teacher(s) to help you understand their unique perspective. You will be surprised how excited or uninterested your daughter or son will be when it comes down to the final decision.

  1. Research the Quality of Education

What are the educational beliefs of the school? Are free tutoring programs available? Do the teachers promote group work or lectures? Children tend to be motivated when the class curriculum has a variety of teaching styles. Classrooms that are not crowded will ensure your child will get the attention they deserve. Ask the principal how long the teachers have worked at the school or if there is a high turnover rate. Sit in on a teacher’s class for an hour and pay attention to how he/she interacts with students.

  1. Neighbors Know Best

Depending on the time of the move and when school starts, finding friends in the area that you can depend on for good advice about the area can take time. The good news is some neighbors will be eager to tell you the latest news and neighborhood stories about schools in the area. The internet is another reliable source to depend on. Reviews with honest comments from parents will paint a clearer picture of the most popular and undesirable schools to choose from.  Don’t be surprised if after the Clearwater movers show up and a neighbor passes by to say hello.

  1. Your Childs Needs are #1

As a parent there are times when we want our children to have an experience that is the opposite of what our child really wants. The school that will cater to your child’s interests and learning style is a winner. Think about your child’s personality; are they shy or outgoing?

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