The feeling of being a newlywed is exciting. There is nothing that can come close to the experience.

The move to a new house with your spouse often comes after the honey moon. If you are moving in together for the first time, we know how hard it can be to wave goodbye to your old place. In addition to the wedding, it might be an expensive purchase. As Clearwater Movers we have helped many people in different types of relationships. We want to ensure you get advice that will make your experience worthwhile. We highly recommend that you consider these tips to save money and enjoy the honeymoon phase of owning your new home.

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A Helping Hand

It may sound like a good idea to ask your friends and family to help you pack items but professional Clearwater Movers have the experience to give you a helping hand. If you have heavy items, maintaining your own safety to avoid a pulled muscle or back pain can be avoided with professional help.

Sell to Save

Receiving a gift for an appliance that we already own happens to the best of us. Why not sell it and make extra money? Ask your spouse to help you plan a garage sale or you can take an easier route and sell unneeded items on the internet. This will help with creating more room in your house. If you are the type that enjoys giving back to the community donate these items, save the receipt and write it off on your taxes.

Wedding Gifts Need Love Too

When you receive a wedding gift it puts a smile on your face and you have something to add to your home from a person that you care about. Gift cards are very convenient and it may be a better idea to use them after the move. Keep the gifts in boxes to preserve them and avoid items breaking during the move. This will also help your Clearwater Movers

Packing Smart

The more sturdy the boxes, the better it will be for your personal items. Use a magic marker pen to write the contents on the box and the name of the room it belongs in. Packing bubbles and towels being wrapped around fragile items and taping items before you move them is a part of the moving journey.

Have Fun While You Move

Moving to a new home with your spouse can be fun and stressful at the same time. If you are moving out of your parent’s house, your rental apartment, a roommate situation or from college, there are obstacles you can easily avoid. While we are all human, do your best to avoid arguments during the move. Mistakes can easily be made and a fragile item can accidentally fall and break. Have fun! After all, this is the beginning of a wonderful journey to come.

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